Kimba seating unit

Benefits at a glance

Sew your own Ottobock Kimba inlay

Design your own Kimba inlay

The cutting pattern and appropriate sewing instructions are available to anyone at no charge. Personal inlays not only make the product more colourful but also improve hygiene.

Emilia and her family picking flowers in the middle of a meadow.

A seat with countless possibilities

The Kimba product range offers numerous combination possibilities with one seat on five compatible mobility bases for indoor or outdoor activities.

Changing the line of vision

The seating unit can be easily mounted on all Ottobock Kimba mobility bases – in or against the direction of travel, depending on the situation.

User experience

Emilia in the Kimba buggy at the lake with her mother.

Emilia’s seat

Numerous adjustment possibilities allowed the Kimba seat to be adapted to little Emilia’s individual needs. “Emilia sits in the Kimba seat as though it were a throne and feels right at home,” reports her father Andreas.

Mira in the Kimba Home and her therapist

Easy handling

A normal life with fixed daily routines is important for Mira’s mother Lisa. Carefully selected devices make the family’s day-to-day life easier. At the same time, it’s important that little Mira never lacks stability and sitting comfort with those devices. The Kimba seat meets these needs. It can be easily adjusted to any everyday situation. Plus, it’s soft and snuggly, and provides support where needed.

Technical data

Article no. 470G71=5_AA02_C
Kimba seating unit

Technical data Size 1 Size 2
Seat width (min./max.) 200–300 mm 260–350 mm
Seat depth with seat depth reduction from 140 mm 190–310 mm 240–400 mm
Shortened back support height (MPS) 315–455 mm 390–560 mm
Back support length 410–610 mm 560–700 mm
Back support angle 80° to 180° 80° to 180°
Seat tilt -10° to +40° -10° to +40°
Lower leg length (min./max.) 190–310 mm 200–370 mm
Shortened lower leg length (optional) from 120 mm 120 mm
Folding size (L x W x H) 580 x 370 x 420 mm 590 x 430 x 580 mm
Weight of seating unit 7.5 kg 9.5 kg
Max. load 40 kg 40 kg


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