Kimba buggy

Benefits at a glance

Kimba buggy with seating unit against the direction of travel and with sun canopy.

Changing the line of vision

The seating unit can be easily mounted in or against the direction of travel, depending on the situation.

Detail view of tilt activation mechanism on the Kimba outdoor mobility base.

Tilt activation mechanism

The tilt activation mechanism is positioned close by on the push bar for very convenient operation.

The Ottobock Kimba Home mobility base in use.

A seat with countless possibilities

The Kimba product range offers numerous combination possibilities with one seat on five compatible mobility bases for indoor or outdoor activities.

Mira’s mother loading the Kimba buggy into the boot.

Ready for transport

Integrated anchor brackets for transportation in a vehicle for transporting persons with reduced mobility. The rehab buggy can also be folded in just a few steps to save space.

Kimba buggy with custom sewn inlay in a tropical pattern.

Design your own Kimba inlay

An inlay designed entirely according to the user’s personal taste not only makes the product more colourful but also improves hygiene. The cutting pattern and appropriate sewing instructions are available at no charge.

User experience

Family walk at Hintersee lake with the Kimba buggy.

Weekend outings in nature

The young family enjoys spending time in nature most of all. Fortunately, there are numerous beautiful lakes and child-friendly hiking trails in the vicinity. The Kimba buggy was the perfect companion for Emilia and her family right from the start. They opted for a medical device relatively late in the process. This happens to many parents, because the differences and genuine benefits are not always evident right away. Also, a rehab buggy isn’t “normal”, and many times it isn’t “attractive”, either. When Stephanie saw the Kimba buggy for the first time, she was elated and didn’t want any other buggy after that. It was love at first sight for Emilia as well.

Mira sits in her Kimba buggy while her mother unloads the shopping.

A completely normal daily routine

Mira doesn’t know any buggies apart from the Kimba. Her family was one of the first to see and test the new Kimba. Lisa really appreciates the generous storage space under the seat. The buggy is also quick and easy to stow and unload. These aspects are very important given the family’s various day-to-day appointments. Mira felt comfortable in the stylish rehab buggy from the outset.

Technical data

Technical data Size 1 Size 2
Overall width 595 mm 665 mm
Front/rear wheel diameter 170/280 mm 170/280 mm
Push handle (min./max.) 710–1,160 mm 710–1,160 mm
Folding size without seat (L x W x H) 790 x 595 x 460 mm 790 x 665 x 460 mm
Min. folding size with seat facing forwards (L x W x H) 900 x 595 x 530 mm 970 x 665 x 590 mm
Seat tilt (min./max.) -40° to +10° or -10° to +40° -40° to +10° or -10° to +40°
Weight of outdoor mobility base 10.5 kg 11.5 kg
Weight of seating unit 7.5 kg 9.5 kg
Max. load, seating unit* 40 kg 40 kg
Max. load, storage basket* 15 kg 15 kg
Max. load, outdoor mobility base 55 kg 55 kg

* The maximum permissible overall weight of the user and load in the storage basket is 47.5 kg (size 1) or 45.5 kg (size 2).


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