The B400: Manoeuvrable and compact – for indoor and outdoor use

Easy to use and compact companion

Building on the proven characteristics, we have revised the B400 for you in regards to driving comfort, safety and design

The B400 features a compact design with an overall width of 58 cm. Thus it can easily pass through narrow doorways. The low seat height of 40 cm allows the user to manoeuvre the wheelchair under tables and workstations with no problems. The compact construction is the greatest advantage of the B400. It is also a good choice for users on the go. It can easily negotiate curbs an inclines. The new standard suspension on the drive unit provides additional comfort on long journeys. The design has been changed to give the B400 a fresh new look.

Model shows special equipment.

New caster fork design

As part of the facelift, the caster fork was also revised to integrate with the modern look of the B400.

Control panel holder

Next to our standardised control panel holder, the photo shows a swing-away control panel holder, which is available as an option. This is particularly well suited if you want to manoeuvre close to a table for example.

Splash guard

You can choose the new designer splash guard for the B400 as an option. The colour of the splash guard is adapted to the frame colour – cream or black.


The LED front lighting available as an option is self-contacting on the B400, so there are no bothersome cables. This makes the side panels quick to remove and simplifies sideways transfers.

Lap belt

For your personal safety, all our B400 wheelchairs are equipped with a lap belt.

Enhanced driving comfort

In combination with a 50 Ah battery, the B400 features drive wheel suspension for enhanced driving comfort.

Benefits at a glance

Compact and manoeuvrable for indoor and outdoor use

Inside or outside, with the B400 you are always on the right path. Thanks to its compact and stable design, this small all-rounder is ideal for everyday requirements – at home, shopping or in a restaurant.

The dimensions – a clear plus

Thanks to its compact overall size of just 580 mm, it can pass through even the narrowest corridors. The low seat height of 450 mm means sitting at tables, desks and work benches is no problem.

Frame colours

Attractive design in cream

Attractive design in black

Seat options

Seat tilt

Depending on your needs, you can choose the B400 with 20° mechanical seat tilt or 20°/45° electric seat tilt with centre of gravity shifting.

Seat height adjustment

The B400 is available with optional seat height adjustment up to 20 cm.

Back angle adjustment

You can choose between mechanical and electric back angle adjustment options. Both options feature an adjustment range up to 30°.

Seats and seat cushions

With the B400, you can choose between a standard and a contoured seat. A standard Junior seat is new to the programme, making it possible for children to use the B400 as well.

The B400 is offered with a standard seat cushion. You can choose this from our broad selection of seat cushions.

Technical information

Technical data for the B400  
Top speed 6 km/h
Battery capacity 62 Ah (C20) AGM batteries
Range 35 km
Battery charge time max. 10 h
User weight 140 kg
Net weight 95 kg
Obstacle height the wheelchair is able to overcome 50 / 100 mm (with curb climbing assist)
Climbing ability 12 %
Width 580 mm
Length including footplates 1080 mm
Turning radius 870 mm
Seat height Seat height (without cushion), at 3° seat tilt: 400/450/500 mm
Seat width Standard seat: 340–480 mm
Contour seat: 380–480 mm
Seat depth Standard seat: 340–500 mm
Contour seat: 360–480 mm
Seat inclination 0° / 3° / 6°
Armrest height 225–350 mm
Back height 450/500 mm
Back angle -9° / 1° / 11° / 21° or 0° / 10° / 20° / 30°
Lower leg length 250–490 mm (standard seat), 280–540 mm (contour seat)
Frame colour Cream or black
Control unit VR2

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