Power wheelchairs

Mobility is far more than just range of motion. Mobility is quality of life. At Ottobock, we focus on the individual needs of people with disabilities. In addition to individual adaptation, the development of our power wheelchairs is based on high standards for form, function and design.


The A200 is the ideal wheelchair for indoors. Thanks to its small overall width and compact design, it fits easily through narrow doors and corridors and is easy to manoeuvre.



The Bseries has a modular design that offers almost boundless possibilities for assembling custom-made devices for complex requirements. Two types of drive are available: front-wheel and rear-wheel drive.



The C2000 is an outdoor power wheelchair offering safety and comfort, even over longer distance. The C2000 is compatible with the full line of Ottobock special and custom controls meaning the power wheelchair can be tailored precisely to your requirements.