Motus CV

Wheelchair user Barbara in her red Ottobock Motus CV.

Benefits at a glance

Ottobock Motus CV wheelchair with leg support swung away

Removable leg supports

The leg supports on the Motus CV are easy to remove and swing away. This provides additional freedom of movement and flexibility in a wheelchair user’s everyday life.

Wheelchair user Wiktor sorting laundry in his Ottobock Motus CS.

Motus CV, CS, Hemi and XXL

The Motus product range consists of four different models. The Motus XXL is suitable for users who weigh up to 140 kg. Meanwhile, the Motus HEMI variant was designed especially for the needs of users after a stroke.

Detail view of the side panel – Ottobock Motus wheelchair

Compelling design

The side panel has been given a complete makeover and now has a more dynamic look. It is available in all the frame colours or in carbon.

Ottobock Motus wheelchair being loaded into the boot

Vehicle friendly

The Motus folds up easily and quickly for transport.

Technical data

Technical data
Overall width 505–680 mm
Overall length 805–1,155 mm
Overall height 670–1,100 mm
Seat depth 360–540 mm
Seat width 355–480 mm
Front seat height 380–520 mm
Rear seat height 360–520 mm
Seat angle 10–100 mm
Drive wheel camber 0° to 4°
Back support angle 0° to 30°
Back support height 300–500 mm
Lower leg length 340–550 mm
Folding size 270–330 mm
Load up to 125 kg
Total weight 11.9–20.2 kg

User stories

Wheelchair user Barbara in her red Ottobock Motus CV

Being independent in day-to-day life

Barbara’s illness has cost her her job, her independence and a big chunk of self-confidence. But life goes on. Today, she regards herself as manager of her body. The mother of two has always approached the subject of mobility devices with an open mind. “Mobility devices help people in need. So I really don’t understand why some patients resist them so strongly. Sooner or later, MS or no MS, everyone gets to a point where they need a device. So doesn’t it make far more sense to choose which one best suits your needs?” Barbara asks. With a device, users can participate in life without always being reliant on other people.


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