Active in daily life

Everyday life is varied and determines the requirements for your wheelchair for active use. But your personal preferences are crucial as well. Do you want a rigid frame? Or would you prefer a folding wheelchair? There is no right or wrong here, since you alone decide. You value a compact folded size and numerous setting options? Then our folding wheelchairs are made for you. You prefer a compact design with very high frame stiffness? Then you will appreciate our rigid-frame wheelchairs.

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Avantgarde CLT

You demand an attractive, individual design but don't want to compromise in terms of functionality? Then the time has come to get acquainted with the Avantgarde CLT, which combines an elegant design with consistent lightweight construction while retaining stability.


Avantgarde CS

The Avantgarde CS is a folding wheelchair for active use with a large range of options. Its closed front frame with integrated footrest is available in various frame angles.


Avantgarde CV

Variable and flexible, the Avantgarde CV model offers maximum adjustment possibilities. The broad selection of options provides an optimum configuration – even for complex requirements.


Avantgarde DS

The Avantgarde folding wheelchair for active users has once again been optimised without giving up proven advantages. With its numerous individual adjustment options, it provides optimum support for your active day-to-day life.


Avantgarde DV

An optimised folding wheelchair for active users that excels with its outstanding suitability for everyday use thanks to numerous individual adjustment options.



The Motus is an adaptive wheelchair that can be customised to your unique preferences. Quick and easy to adjust, the swing-away footrests and height-adjustable back allow for more comfortable seating.



Reliable, sturdy and custom-made: The Ventus is a robust rigid-frame wheelchair with a minimalist frame design, appealing in its versatility.


Voyager Evo

With the Voyager Evo, you choose the material used to make your product. The material choices include aluminium, carbon, titanium and magnesium; custom factory-produced designs are possible as well.



An everyday companion that is foldable but still gives you that rigid frame feeling, while also scoring points with its design. Zenit – the right wheelchair for your active lifestyle.