Remain independent thanks to eSupport

Energy-saving servo auxiliary drive for manual wheelchairs

Operating a manual wheelchair over many years is energy-sapping and puts a strain on the body. With eSupport, you get an ideal everyday companion that offers you welcome support and relief, especially on long days. You can choose between two drive programmes, depending on whether you want to move about outdoors or within your own four walls. This gives you maximum manoeuvrability indoors with a small amount of power assistance, while you can rely on the greatest possible power assistance with directional stability correction outdoors. Just the touch of a button between the modes gives you the freedom to choose when you need which mode.

Each user is different, so our new eSupport makes it possible to adjust the areas in which it can support their body individually to suit them. This means the eSupport arm strength assistance, manoeuvrability and directional stability correction can be finely tuned for each side of the body. In this way, you can, for instance, balance out the side of the body with lower residual strength. The speed assistant and the servo assistance can also be set individually and, together with the modern lithium-ion battery - with a range of 30km - they round off the package.

The add-on drive was specially revised for transport in a car. eSupport can be stowed away in the car together with the wheelchair in just a few simple steps.

Energy-saving: eSupport for indoors and outdoors

eSupport offers you the support that you value in everyday life, both indoors and outdoors.

Benefits at a glance

Battery pack under the seat

Low centre of gravity thanks to battery pack under the seat.

Adapter plate

Two drive adapters with torque support are included in the standard model

Easy to transport

Allows for easy transport.


The anti-tipper is installed by default.

Hub drive

eSupport is especially light due to the wear-resistant hub drive. What's more, you can cover greater distances through the efficient use of the battery capacity.

Highly compatible

eSupport is compatible with Motus, Avantgarde, Ventus and Start wheelchairs.


  • Battery charger, nickel-metal hydride battery
  • Battery charger, lithium-ion battery
  • 24" spoke protector, transparent

Technical data

Technical information  
Speed 6 km/h
Motor power AC servomotor 2x 24V 110 W
Battery Nickel-metal hydride/lithium-ion
Charging time 2.5–3.5 h (nickel-metal), 4.5 h (lithium-ion)
Range up to 18 km (with nickel-metal hydride battery), 30 km (with lithium-ion battery)
24" drive wheel weight 6.9 kg
Battery weight 2.8 kg (nickel-metal), 3.6 kg (lithium-ion)
Total weight without wheelchair 16.8 kg (nickel-metal), 17.6 kg (lithium-ion)
Max. user weight 125 kg
Max. climbing ability 6° (10%)


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The power assist for greater freedom and comfort

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