Why do we love our sport?

Because it makes us complete.

Be it an unusual ritual or an uncontrolled expression of feelings – the greatest passion shows in the smallest detail. And those details unmistakably reveal just how much we love our sport. The same applies for our innovative Sportsline range: Together with top athletes we have brought every detail of our sport products to its perfection in both form and function. Why? So you feel the endorphins kick in after exercising.

Tennis player playing the ball on his backhand.

Why Challenging?

If you want to do your very best – you know whom to trust. With our products for track and field sports, the only thing you will have to perfect: your tricks!


Group of people cheering together.

Why become a Team?

We’re passionate about sport – we swear it and we sweat it. And we want you to join us: on our passion for the Talent Camp, the Running Clinics and the Paralympic Games.


Men running towards the endless horizon.

Why Running?

Our running prostheses will push you forward – until the personal record or the flow of endorphins become your new drive.


Skier is skiing using the ProCarve.

Why Skiing and Boarding?

Water, wind, winter – those are your elements. If life gives you a wave or a slope, you turn it into an adventure that will put a smile on your face.


Marlou van Rhijn sprinting on Ottobock blades.

Sports at Ottobock

The passion for sport is part of the company DNA and shows its facets through our “Passion for Paralympics”.