Happy Birthday, C-Leg!

Happy Birthday, C-Leg! Best-selling mechatronic knee prosthesis turns 20

More than 70,000 women and men from around the world have been fitted with a C-Leg knee prosthesis since 1997.

Now in its fourth generation, We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed their development expertise and their active feedback to continually enhancing the everyday usability of the C-Leg. Thanks to their support and continuous technological developments, we have succeeded in making the C-Leg what it is today: a knee joint that operates intuitively to give its users a high level of freedom and independence in their everyday lives.

Professor Bernd Schwien laid the cornerstone for the success of the C-Leg

A prosthesis user himself, Bernd Schwien not only witnessed the birth of the first mechatronically controlled knee prosthesis as a product manager at Ottobock, but also helped the C-Leg achieve early fame. Today, Schwien is a professor in the field of social management whose work focuses on the financing of socioeconomic organisations.

C-Leg pioneer Bernhard Werntze in an interview with an Ottobock employee

Werntze, a teacher at a vocational school, still remembers clearly the feeling of being one of the very first transfemoral amputees to receive a C-Leg knee prosthesis. However, he first had to get used to the intuitive behaviour of the joint, which served as a replacement for its mechanical predecessor model.

Reclaim your determination. C-Leg 4

No other mechatronic knee joint in the world is worn by as many people as the C-Leg. Its reliability has also been proven in numerous studies. Currently in its fourth generation, it supports some 70,000 users in their everyday lives.

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Reclaim your sense of security. Kenevo

The Kenevo was developed for people who have an increased need for safety. Its basic functions provide everyday support, while three activity modes adapt to your abilities. Particularly suitable for rehabilitation and those who are less active.

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Reclaim your strength. Genium

What users want most is to think about their prosthesis as little as possible, and instead move naturally and intuitively. To lead an active life and focus on their own strengths. The Genium is the answer to these wishes.

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Reclaim all you want to be. Genium X3

The Genium X3 builds on the strengths of the Genium and offers all of its functionality – but goes several crucial steps further to open up completely new possibilities: walking, running and swimming with one and the same prosthesis.

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