Copolymer liner 6Y90, 6Y92

6Y90 and 6Y92 TPE copolymer liners

Improved protection with skin care liner

Prosthesis wearers know how important the characteristics of their liner are, since it connects the residual limb to the prosthetic socket. In addition to protecting against the forces acting in the prosthetic socket, the liner should also have skin care properties. The 6Y90 and 6Y92 liners made of thermoplastic mouldable copolymer have a cylindrical shape and textile coating. The user-friendly material not only cares for dry skin, but also offers protection against free radicals.

Both liners are suitable for many residual limb types, in particular residual limbs with dry skin. Recommended for use with a total surface weight bearing socket, the 6Y90 and 6Y92 liners are suitable for prosthesis wearers with low to moderate activity levels. Your orthopaedic technician will be happy to provide you with further information regarding the optimum combination of a socket, valve system and sealing sleeve.