DERMA Skin Care

Gentle skin care for prosthetic and orthotic users

The skin with a surface area of around two square metres is the largest and simultaneously the most sensitive human organ. This makes proper skin care that much more important. Wearing a prosthesis can lead to skin problems such as chafing, perspiration and odour formation in addition to impairing the skin's protective function. With our DERMA series tailored to these special requirements, we are happy to provide thorough and gentle skin care.

DERMA Prevent

DERMA Prevent is used for subsequent care and to prevent chafing, coating stressed skin with a protective film and preventing perspiration and odour formation.

DERMA Repair

To regenerate areas of skin that have already been affected, we recommend DERMA Repair which alleviates the consequences of high stress and guards the skin against damaging external influences.


To clean the skin, prosthesis and liner, we offer you the ph-neutral, alkali and phosphate-free product DERMA Clean for gentle, reliable cleaning.

Skin Structure and Function

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is made up of three layers

1. The epidermis
is the outermost surface of our body and is therefore directly exposed to the environment. It is made up of different layers of keratogenic cells.

2. The dermis
contains blood vessels and nerves with special end organs that are sensitive to pressure, touch, pain, hot and cold, and itchiness.

3. The subcutaneous tissue
is primarily fatty tissue, along with larger blood vessels and thick nerve fibres. The hair roots are also found in this layer along with the sebaceous glands and sweat glands.

Protection Against Pressure and Friction

To protect against pressure and friction, healthy skin is often thicker in certain areas, such as the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. However, because the skin can be subjected to various environmental effects, it can become too thick or thin or undergo other unwanted changes.

Severe stresses to the skin usually result in pressure and friction pain as well as sores and chafe marks.

When the epidermis is intact, the acid and fat mantle provides protection against chemicals and microorganisms. The chemical reactivity of the skin, the so-called acid mantle, is in the low acidity range with a pH value of 4.6 – 6.0. When this protective function is damaged, skin infections and irritations are common. These conditions are often caused by improper cleaning and poor hygiene, or because irritated skin is vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and fungi.

For people wearing a prosthesis or orthosis, unavoidable mechanical stresses can have adverse effects on the skin’s function. There is often a close correlation between these causesand effects.

The Derma series offers a selection of skin care products that have been especially adapted to the needs of prosthetic and orthotic users.

User Feedback

Murray from Wodonga

"I have only been an amputee since 1st August, 2014. I was having problems with the integrity of the skin on my residual limb, including rashes, extreme itchiness and soreness on a daily basis. I tried so many products from the pharmacy, but none seemed to have much effect. I then heard about the Derma products. I purchased the DERMA Clean, Prevent and Repair creams through my local prosthetist. Within one week all my problems had disappeared! My stump is now pink, smooth, soft and completely free of all my previous problems, even after wearing my prosthesis for 15 hours, (which I do every day). Thanks for a GREAT product Ottobock!"


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