Delta Twist

Shock absorber protects the residual limb and locomotor system

In order to resume an independent everyday life following an amputation, patients mainly need a prosthesis that provides them with the greatest possible mobility. Relieving strain on the entire locomotor system by minimising impact loads should be emphasised here. Uncontrolled impacts can for example cause compression strain in various parts of the locomotor system. The resulting complaints frequently lead to what are known as pain avoidance reactions.

With the DeltaTwist shock absorber, we have developed a prosthesis adapter that counteracts this chain reaction. More freedom of movement, especially in confined spaces, as well as sports and recreational activities become possible as a result. For your everyday life, using the DeltaTwist shock absorber means that you can focus more on your surroundings rather than having to concentrate exclusively on moving about. Your orthopaedics specialist is happy to advise you regarding the individually adjustable shock absorber function and rotation movement of the adapter.