Knee joint 3R95

3R95 knee joint

Small, dynamic lightweight knee joint for active users

The knee is a central element of the human locomotor system. After an amputation, active patients in particular want to ensure that the prosthetic replacement is as dynamic as possible. Suitable for moderate and higher mobility grades, the joint allows powerful resistance even with a high degree of flexion. We developed the small and dynamic 3R95 lightweight knee joint in two versions to meet these requirements.

Both lightweight knee joints distinguish themselves through straightforward adjustment possibilities. Thanks to their compact design, the joints are also very well suited for cosmetic fittings for women and youths. The 3R95 with a flexion angle of 135° is approved for a body weight up to 150 kilograms; the 3R95=1 with a flexion angle up to 155° is especially designed for prosthesis wearers with a body weight up to 75 kilograms. Your orthopaedics specialist will be happy to advise you regarding the ability to combine the knee joint with dynamic prosthetic feet.