Socket system for enhanced comfort and maximum mobility

SiOCX prosthetic socket

Your benefits at a glance

Benefits at a glance

Freedom of movement with SiOCX

Maximum freedom of movement

The flexible and elastic silicone socket edge perfectly adapts to your movements. You enjoy maximum freedom of movement, which is further enhanced by the ergonomic design of the outer socket.

Comfort with SiOCX

Improved sense of surroundings

With the frame socket, you can perceive your surroundings more readily. For example, you can feel the surface of seating furniture far better. This allows you to sit more securely, especially on narrow seats. Other environmental influences such as contact or even objects in trouser pockets can be sensed as well.

Flexible with SiOCX

Reliable adhesion

The silicone inner socket made of medical grade silicone provides optimum, reliable adhesion on the residual limb. It is firmly connected to the carbon outer socket by several screws. This permits secure control and optimum force transmission to the prosthesis.

SiOCX TF Pro frame socket

Comfortable sitting

The outer socket of the SiOCX TF socket has flexible regions made of Dyneema on the back, allowing you to sit down in comfort. These areas also prevent the socket from twisting while sitting, so that air is not drawn in. The same applies to the SiOCX TF Pro frame socket, which adapts to your sitting position even better thanks to larger flexible areas.


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Information for users

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