Reclaim your Life

Whether taking the first steps again after an amputation to regain confidence or hiking over rough cliffs in an exotic holiday destination: with the help of trend-setting fitting solutions from Ottobock, you can gradually regain the everyday activities you were able to do before the amputation. Reclaim your life: This is the motto for the innovative and intelligent prosthetic solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.


What prosthesis users want most: to think about their prosthesis as little as possible. To move naturally and intuitively. Being able to focus on their own strengths, to lead an active life. Exactly for this purpose we have developed the Genium.


Genium X3 - Bionic Prosthetic System

The Genium X3 – a unique combination of technology, functionality and intuitive use.


C-Leg – Microprocessor-controlled Knee Joint

The C-Leg has been setting fitting standards for transfemoral amputees for more than 15 years.