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Closer to the natural model than ever before

The new Meridium prosthetic foot offers you a high level of security along with increased adaptability and a more natural motion sequence. The unique 4-axle design with hydraulic real-time control adjusts itself immediately to the user’s walking speed and ground conditions, whether on slopes, stairs or varying terrain. When sitting and standing, the complete foot lowers itself to the floor, which provides relief for the residual limb. Thanks to the automatic heel height adjustment, the Meridium is suitable for various types of shoes. The times when frequent shoe changes gave you a headache are a thing of the past. With the Meridium, you can quickly and easily adapt the heel height to your shoes, whatever the occasion.

3D location, angle and moment sensor

Movements and forces that occur are recorded using highly precise 3D, angle and moment sensors. They provide important information to the microprocessor regarding the situation and gait pattern in order to adapt the Meridium accordingly.

Electronics and battery

The battery and electronics are protected within the ankle area. The integrated microprocessor processes the sensor data and controls the hydraulics in real time.


The hydraulics control the resistance and the motion of the foot (plantar flexion and dorsiflexion), thereby uniting flexibility and stability.

Toe plate

The toe plate made from aluminium with split toe design forms the link between the carbon frame and the frontal rotation point of the hydraulics. Due to its mobility, extensive traction is achieved during rollover.

Frame and heel spring

The frame and heel spring made from carbon fibre stand out for their high stability and stiffness which also help to protect the hydraulics. The heel spring dampens the step at heel strike.

4-axle kinematics

The 4-axle kinematics enable particularly good adaptation to natural motion patterns when walking. Four axis design flexibly connects the toe plate, foot and ankle with one another.

Ankle spring

Layers of extremely stable, ultra-light carbon fibre laminate connect the hydraulics in the foot with the pyramid adapter and enclose the electronics and battery in the ankle.

Benefits at a glance

Ascending and descending slopes

Whether ascending or descending – thanks to the ability of the Meridium to adapt, you will master ground inclinations effortlessly from the very first step. Increased security thanks to more ground clearance when ascending, comfortable descending thanks to the adapted rollover and fast full-surface ground contact.

Walking on uneven terrain

The Meridium adapts to the terrain with every step. No matter whether cobblestones, lawns or forest paths – real-time adjustment and improved ground contact mean it offers a high level of stability over different types of terrain.

Going down stairs

The Meridium enables you to place your complete foot on the step as you go down stairs. Instead of thinking about the correct placement of your foot, you can concentrate on your surroundings.

Stable stance

Meridium identifies intuitively when you are no longer moving and require a secure, stable stance – even on slopes or uneven terrain.

Relief when sitting

When sitting, the Meridium lowers itself to the floor, which both achieves a more natural-looking foot position and also helps to relieve your residual limb.

Automatic heel height adjustment

No matter whether barefoot, flat soles or heels – thanks to the automatic heel height adjustment, shoes can be changed quickly and easily.


1) The hydraulic resistance is adjusted during initial ground contact to achieve a comfortable heel leverage adapted to the user’s stride length.

2) Based on the individually adjusted plantar flexion resistance, the foot lowers itself according to the gait situation with every step.

3) Thanks to the wide range of motion and real-time adjustment, the user benefits from prolonged, full-surface contact with the ground for the greatest possible stability and excellent traction.

4) The movable toe plate provides a large contact surface and ensures uniform pressure distribution in the forefoot area when rolling over the foot at the end of the stance phase.

During foot rollover, the Meridium’s four axis design allows the ankle joint to plantar flex (foot lowering), which helps keep the body’s centre of gravity from lowering during walking. This enables a more even and more natural gait pattern while preventing tiring compensating movements.

5) If the foot is lifted from the floor, the hydraulics maintain an extended dorsiflexion position in order to allow greater ground clearance in the swing phase, while simultaneously achieving a higher degree of safety when walking.


The Cockpit app - easy mobile control

The Meridium adjusts itself automatically to a wide range of situations. Using the convenient Cockpit app for Android, you can also easily adjust the Meridium via smartphone. The app can be used to change the heel height, for example, or to select from a range of preset MyModes. The app also displays additional information such as the charge level of your mechatronic prosthetic foot. Alternatively, simple motion patterns or the optionally available remote control can be used to carry out adjustments.


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