Benefits at a glance

Mattias goes hiking in the woods with two friends.

Cover longer distances at a higher speed

The Empower delivers the exact amount of propulsion with every step that you need to push off and move forward.

Mattias walking down a rocky hill.

More stable gait when walking down slopes

When walking downhill, the Empower is lowered to adapt to the slope of the ground. This gives you more stability because you can put your whole foot on the ground faster.

Rob climbing stairs with his Empower.

Coping with everyday life

Slopes and stairs are often a challenge. Compensating for missing muscle functions takes a big effort. The Empower gives you the power that is needed for forward and upward movements. This enables you to overcome obstacles.

Mattias sitting in a café working on his laptop.

Relief function for a more natural appearance

The Empower is lowered to the floor when sitting. That not only looks more natural, it also relieves your residual limb.

Rob walking around town with his Empower.

Reduced joint strain

The Empower improves the gait by providing support, thus reducing joint strain. The prosthetic foot can also help reduce knee and lower back pain.

Detail of the Empower setup app.

Setup app for Prosthetist

Your prosthetist uses the setup app to customise the Empower prosthetic foot to your needs.

Pen and paper.

Benefits confirmed in studies

Discover scientific information about the Empower. The benefits of the prosthetic foot have been proven in clinical trials. Please contact Ottobock Australia for these documents.

Prosthetic feet in detail.

More than a prosthetic foot. It’s a foundation.

The prosthetic foot makes a difference in the success of your treatment. Learn more about prosthetic feet in general and our other foot options here.

User experience

Mattias hiking in the woods.

Mattias (Empower user from Sweden)

Most users are familiar only with mechanical prosthetic feet, but with a mechatronic foot like this, you can actually move the joint. It feels very natural. When you walk, it is just like a normal foot – it moves. It gives you this power. It's almost as if the Empower is walking for you.

Devin standing in the garden with his pregnant wife.

Devin (Empower user from the USA)

The Empower changed my life. Thanks to the Empower, I can work an 8-hour shift and more without pain. It is really the most adaptable ankle joint I've ever stood on. The foot has given me back the quality of life that I have been dreaming of for over twelve years. The Empower is really revolutionary.

Rob sitting on the couch putting his laptop in his backpack.

Rob (Empower user from the USA)

My goal is to get back to where I was before my accident. I often had back pain. It was just not possible for me to carry out my tasks at work properly. Since I have had the Empower, I am able to do everything I used to do.


How the Empower works

The Empower imitates the original functions of the muscles and tendons, thereby ensuring a smoother movement sequence and a more physiological gait pattern. Active propulsion is a unique feature, providing high-energy support for every step. The leg and entire body are propelled forwards. Your weight is gently transferred to the sound limb. At the same time, sensors regulate the intensity of the forward thrust required for the respective situation and the most suitable foot position.


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Empower user flyer

This flyer contains the most important information about the Empower – summarised for you.

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Empower Instructions for use (users)


  • Who is the Empower prosthetic foot suitable for?

    Empower was designed for active individuals who navigate various indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on the ability to cover longer distances and walk at a higher walking speed. It is suitable for users weighing up to 130 kg and is available in sizes 25–30 cm. Both transfemoral and transtibial amputees can benefit from the advantages of this prosthetic foot.

  • How long will the battery last?

    The battery lasts up to eight hours, depending on the intensity of use. This means you may have to change the battery once during the day. The battery charge level is easy to read on the display. Two batteries can be charged simultaneously in a dual bay charger in less than 90 minutes.

  • Is the Empower waterproof?

    The Empower is not waterproof due to its mechatronic components. However, the prosthetic foot is protected against splashed water, so a sudden rain shower during a walk is no problem.

  • How is the Empower different from the Meridium prosthetic foot?

    Our Empower and Meridium mechatronic prosthetic feet differ with respect to the user target group and technical functions. The Empower is suitable for active users (MG 3-4), the Meridium for moderately active users (MG 2-3). With powered propulsion, the Empower supports you at toe-off. With the prosthetic foot, you can cover longer distances at a higher speed. Meridium offers intuitive adaptation and a more natural movement sequence, especially on uneven terrain or when wearing shoes with different heel heights.

  • Can I test the Empower as a user?

    Yes, you can test the Empower prosthetic foot. Many Prosthetic clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand are certified to offer a trial fitting. Talk to your Prosthetist today to see if you are able to organise a trial.

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