Aqualine – the new prosthetic system for waterproof walking devices

Showering and going to the pool with the prosthesis

Benefits at a glance

Sole profile on the underside of the Aqualine foot

Non-skid sole

In order to avoid slipping in wet areas, amputees just like non-amputees have to move with suitable speed. The sole of the Aqua foot is highly slip-resistant. The special material composition and shape ensure very good traction.

Easy locking and unlocking of the knee joint

Moving safely

Your safety is the top priority. This is why measures for standing safely are of special importance in wet areas. You can easily lock and unlock the Aqua knee for activities in and around water thanks to an integrated locking mechanism.

Aqualine cover with a highly natural appearance

More natural appearance

Swimwear exposes the prosthesis. High expectations are therefore placed on appearance. The Aqualine cover looks very natural. It is available in various standard sizes and the length is individually adapted by the orthopaedic technician. The coating is available in various colours. It is waterproof and makes the cover look attractive.

Water escaping from the prosthesis

Floodable prosthesis

Your prosthesis is flooded when you enter the water. After you leave the pool, the water drains back out through small openings in the components.

Safe for showering

Easy to clean

You can easily clean your bathing prosthesis with fresh water. All prosthesis components are resistant to water and corrosion. Contact with chlorine, salt water or soap is not damaging with adequate care.

Abducted toe of the Aqualine foot

Wearing thongs

The Aqua foot has an abducted big toe. This allows you to comfortably wear flip-flops or thongs at the beach or pool.

Technical information

Aqua knee

The water-resistant, monocentric Aqua knee is very compact and lightweight. Thanks to miniature hydraulics, the swing phase can be adjusted by your prosthetist to meet your individual needs. You can also lock the joint using an additional integrated locking mechanism, which you can easily operate using a lock lever. This gives you additional safety while standing and walking when you need it.

Aqua foot

The special shape and the composition of materials give you a better footing on wet and slippery floors.

Various corrosion-resistant adapters are available to connect the Aqua knee, Aqua foot and socket, and also for socket design – from the PushValve exhaust valve to the liner fitting.


  • Who can wear an Aqualine prosthesis system?

    If you are a transfemoral or transtibial amputee, you can be fitted with the Aqualine prosthesis system. It is approved for a body weight up to 150 kg.

  • Who fabricates the Aqualine?

    If you are interested in the Aqualine, contact your orthotist for detailed advice.

  • What all can I do with the Aqualine?

    You can for example take a shower or go to the pool without any problems with the Aqualine prosthesis system. All components of the system are designed for the special requirements of wet areas, and are therefore waterproof. Afterwards you can clean your prosthesis system quickly and easily with water.

  • What level of safety is offered by the Aqualine?

    Various features contribute to enhanced safety, ranging from the non-slip sole to the ability to lock the joint. However, a suitable walking speed is always important – for anyone moving about in wet areas.

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