Fitness App for Amputees

Excersises for lower limb amputees

The new fitness app form Ottobock promotes independent prostheses training for lower limb amputees. Together with physiotherapists and occupational therapists we developed this app to support amputees on the road to greater mobility and to provide you with professional assistance in everyday life.

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The fitness app for amputees includes a number of easy to understand exercises with example videos that have been developed specifically for lower limb amputees.

Whether you already wear a prosthesis or will be supplied with a prosthesis soon - thanks to the exercises in this app, you get exactly the training you need. Once you have installed this app on your device, you can integrate the exercises into your daily fitness or therapy program, wherever you are.

Two training modules, each with 8 exercises cover the fields of strength and endurance, and coordination and balance, which should be used both regularly to achieve the best results.

Training modules

Couple doing crunches while using fitness app from Ottobock

Strength & Endurance

The first module of the app shows classic exercises for strength and endurance without prosthesis. The objective is to strengthen the leg muscles, abdomen, back and arms. Animations will show you the intuitive and easy to understand exercises and an additional text guide, leads you through the training.

Couple working out with the Ottobock fitness app

Coordination & Balance

In Module 2 the training is focused on coordination and balance with your prosthesis. These exercises help you to gain greater control over your own prosthesis in everyday use, business and leisure time. Like in the first module a text guide and small animations will explain every exercise for a better understanding.

You determine your workout

Each workout can be completed in three difficulty levels which enable you to make progress:

Basic exercises for those who have received a prosthesis only recently and have not yet been able to exercise.

Additional exercises for those who are accustomed to dealing with their prosthesis in everyday life.

Advanced exercises for the "experts" of you who have been using their prosthesis for a long period of time.

Amputee lady doing hip raises while using the Ottobock fitness app


The fitness app gives you even more advantages:

  • You can easily configure the app and vote on your personal training and / or treatment plan. Complete either a recommended workout, or create your own customised fitness program.
  • Work out to your own choice of music on your smart phone.
  • Track your progress and challenge yourself.
  • An adjustable alarm to remind you when it is time for your workout.

Amputee man streching while using the Ottobock fitness app

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