Heel relief orthosis

Short treatment time after heel bone fractures

Benefits at a glance

Early mobilisation

In contrast to other treatment methods, you can walk within eight to twelve days after the injury with the heel relief orthosis. Crutches very quickly become unnecessary since you can place your full weight on the foot. Treatment is generally completed after 12 weeks. In consultation with your doctor, you can switch to normal or orthopaedic shoes and insoles at that time.

Walk naturally

Thanks to the special construction of the heel relief orthosis, you can achieve a virtually natural rollover of the foot. This helps prevent physical malpositions and subsequent problems.

Controlled build-up of pressure

The orthosis is individually adaptable to the healing process. Pressure build-up pads serve to increase the load gradually.


  • Heel bone fracture
  • Arthrodesis (joint stiffening) of the lower ankle


  • When can I start walking again with the heel relief orthosis?

    As a rule, you can put weight on your foot again eight to twelve days after sustaining the injury when you wear the heel relief orthosis. Your doctor will provide you with detailed information.

  • When is the treatment complete?

    After about twelve weeks, you can usually switch to normal or orthopaedic shoes with insoles. Your doctor will provide you with detailed advice about this as well.

  • How do I wear the heel relief orthosis?

    The heel relief orthosis is built like a shoe and also worn that way.

  • How do you clean the orthosis?

    Remove the straps and pads from the orthosis, and fasten all hook-and-loop closures. Then you can hand wash the straps and pads in warm water at 30°C using gentle detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Allow the straps and pads to air dry and avoid direct heat exposure.

    You can wipe the plastic components of the orthosis with a damp cloth as needed.