Genu Arexa knee brace

Ann from Perth, Genu Arexa user since August 2013

I completely ruptured my left ACL in Feb 2013 and saw my orthotist in April. The knee brace has allowed me to go back to skiing in Perisher (Aug 2013) and use it during the summer months when out on the boat for extra stability. I have just been away on a cruise up north and the brace came into use many times when going ashore to climb up to the top of water falls ...

Benefits at a glance

Enhanced safety after the operation

Years of experience show that a knee brace such as the Genu Arexa helps stabilise the injured knee after the operation and protects it against unwanted movements. It helps you quickly regain confidence in your own mobility and muscle strength.

Comfortable to wear

The plastic shells of the knee brace automatically adapt to the contours of your leg the first time it is worn. Soft, washable padding ensures ultimate wearer comfort. The height-adjustable tibia pad protects particularly sensitive areas.

Genu Move

Developed by doctors, the Genu Move exercise programme supports the follow-up treatment of your knee injury and enables you to actively contribute to your rehabilitation at home as well. It is aimed at restoring the load-bearing capacity, mobility, strength and coordination of the affected leg.

Easy to use

Putting on and taking off the brace is incredibly simple. You don’t have to step into the brace. Simply place it on the front of your leg and then fasten the straps in numerical order.

Genu Move exercises

Genu Move - Phase 1

The knee will be sore immediately after surgery. There will be pain and swelling. The aim of the first phase of healing (week 1 to 2) is to alleviate and manage these symptoms. Patients can start to train extending the knee joint now.

Genu Move - Phase 2

The ability to extend the knee achieved in phase I should now be maintained. So continue the exercises from phase I. Aims of phase II (week 3 to 6) are further improvement of mobility and muscle strength and normalisation of the gait pattern.

Genu Move - Phase 3

In the third phase of Healing (week 7 to 14), mobility should be increased until it is equivalent to the healthy knee. The aims of this phase are to restore full mobility and increase endurance, strength and coordination.

Clinical picture

Torn cruciate ligament

The anterior cruciate ligament often tears during abrupt braking movements where the knee is flexed, curved inward slightly and simultaneously rotated outwards (valgus stress). This type of injury is particularly common when skiing and playing football.

The posterior cruciate ligament tears less frequently, mostly due to powerful external forces.

Fields of application

The Genu Arexa knee brace is a device for the conservative follow-up treatment of cruciate ligament injuries such as distensions, partial ruptures or ruptures. It is used in case of injuries to the anterior and the posterior cruciate ligaments as well as the medial and/or lateral collateral ligament. While it is intended primarily for functional follow-up treatment after ligament surgery, it is also used for the conservative therapy of chronic, complex instabilities of the knee joint.



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