C-Brace® KAFO

Benefits at a glance

David M. walks through challenging terrain with his C-Brace®.

New freedom of movement

The C-Brace® allows users to experience a whole new world of movement. At last they can walk slowly or quickly, negotiate slopes or rough terrain, avoid trip hazards, descend stairs step-over-step or flex the leg while it’s under load.

Thanks to her lightweight C-Brace®, Marjan can stand safely on a ladder and focus on her garden work.

Small and lightweight

The C-Brace® is small enough to be worn inconspicuously under clothing. Because it’s lightweight, the user expends less effort while walking.

David walks down uneven terrain with his C-Brace® KAFO system

Enhanced safety while walking

The C-Brace® enhances safety by responding in real time, including in possible tripping situations: the user can step or sit down with the knee flexed and walk on uneven terrain or slopes.

Marjan uses the convenient Cockpit app to control her C-Brace®.

App control for user and technician

Users can control their C-Brace® with the convenient Cockpit app, for example when switching to cycling mode. The O&P professional uses the Setup app to individually adjust the C-Brace® in simple steps.

Thanks to her C-Brace®, which she’s combined with the Nexgear Tango ankle joint, Denise can finally dance again.

Dynamic movement patterns

The new sensor technology makes the C-Brace® even more intuitive to use; movement patterns are even more dynamic and responsive.

The O&P professional adapts David’s C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system

Simplified fabrication process

The new C-Brace® can be constructed by certified O&P professionals directly at the medical supply company. Both the user and technician benefit from simplified fabrication.


C-Brace Function

The C-Brace® consists of individually fabricated thigh, calf and foot components. An ankle joint (unilateral or bilateral fitting) or an individual spring element connects the foot and calf components. The sensor system continuously measures the flexion of the knee joint and its angular acceleration. This lets the C-Brace® detect the user’s current walking phase, so it can regulate the hydraulic resistances as well as control the flexion and extension of the knee joint.

User experience

Denise in the snow

Denise tells her story

David Fishing

David T. tells his story

Marjan and child

Marjan tells her story


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Information for users

This brochure provides you with initial information about the new C-Brace.


  • How can I find out whether the C-Brace® is suitable for me?

    The C-Brace® is suitable for a wide range of neurological indications. However, a detailed anamnesis – that is, an examination by an Orthotist (O&P professional) – is required on a case-by-case basis in order to determine whether the C-Brace® is actually appropriate.

  • If a C-Brace® is generally an option for me – can I test the orthosis first?

    Before you are fitted with a C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system, your certified Orthotist (O&P professional) can use a diagnostic trial orthosis to determine whether you are able to use the functions of the C-Brace®. Please talk to your Orthotist (O&P professional), and he or she will advise you in detail.

  • How long does it take to learn to walk with the C-Brace®?

    Many different factors determine how soon you can walk with the C-Brace® and whether you are capable of exploiting its full functionality. As always, your personal physical condition is an important factor here. However, your certified Orthotist (O&P professional) will provide you with expert advice regarding this as well.

  • How do I learn to use the C-Brace®?

    When you are fitted with a C-Brace®, your technician will of course explain the proper use of the orthosis to you in detail. In the course of special training and exercises, you will learn everything you need to know in order to use your C-Brace® to its best advantage.

  • Can I shower with the orthosis?

    The C-Brace® is not suitable for showering. However, Ottobock’s Aqualine orthosis system is a waterproof walking device designed especially for wet conditions. All of its components are designed for contact with water.