Volker’s Dyneva story

Volker, who lives in Lower Saxony in Germany, knows about back pain. His problems began with an intervertebral disc prolapse that was followed by an operation. The 36-year-old knew from the outset that an operation was no guarantee that his life would be permanently pain free. To this day, he does targeted exercises to strengthen his musculature and thereby stabilise his lumbar spine.

“No longer being fully fit this early in life,” says Volker, “was unthinkable for me. We have a young daughter and are devoting a lot of time and energy to renovating a farmstead, so we all need to help out where we can.”

He learned about the Dyneva back brace by chance: “Thanks to the Dyneva, I am able to be actively involved in the farm and live my life to the full again. Thanks to its design, the Dyneva makes me feel safe and offers great stability on the one hand, but is lightweight and comfortable to wear on the other hand. This brace provides me with the exact mobility I need in my work and when playing with my daughter.”