David’s C-Brace story

David’s left leg has been paralysed from the hip down since a motorcycle accident.

“An injury like that would have put me in a wheelchair in the past, at the very least my everyday life and independence would have been severely limited,” David says.

But that’s not the case today: David is studying energy efficiency while working in development at a start-up on the side. He spends a great deal of time with his brother when he is with his family. They like being out in nature together; David goes climbing, cycling and spends his evenings with friends. But many things have changed again for David since he started wearing the C-Brace: “Walking with the C-Brace is a giant leap ahead for me. I can climb stairs, walk on cobblestones and have my hands free for an umbrella, for instance. I’m able to bend forwards and backwards. It basically catches me, and I have the chance to react.”