Tennis/golfer's elbow

Tennis/golfer's elbow – also known as Epicondylosis humeri in medical jargon – is caused by overstraining the forearm musculature and its tendon insertions.


Possible triggers include an incorrect technique in racquet sports (e.g. tennis, badminton), one-sided strain for example when using the computer keyboard or mouse, or an incorrect posture at work, during housework, gardening or leisure activities.


The symptoms include the fist increasingly losing strength and the intensification of rotational movements. Objects like coffee cups or books become difficult to lift or carry, and even shaking hands becomes almost impossible because of pain.


Diagnosing tennis/golfer's elbow is difficult overall since the localisation of the illness is frequently described differently. In addition to the anamnesis (preliminary consultation), ultrasound and functional test procedures are often used. With functional test procedures, the doctor checks for an increase in pain, for example by means of a resistance test – the patient makes a fist and pushes the arm upwards against force.


There are various approaches to therapy. In addition to physiotherapeutic methods, these for example also include cryotherapy, vibration therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation therapy and exercises to strengthen muscles, as well as temporary immobilisation. Braces and supports can also provide relief. Operating is rare.

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