Stiffening of the lower ankle (Arthrodesis)

In case of severe changes in the ankle, for example due to arthrosis, the lower ankle can be surgically stiffened. This is called arthrodesis. The objective is to restore a better quality of life for the patient and alleviate pain.


Arthrodesis is performed in specific cases of severe arthrosis, high and chronic joint instability or severe malpositions.


The causes of joint stiffening are severe and complex joint changes or injuries that result in extreme limitations for the affected individual in everyday life.


The condition is diagnosed by a doctor by means of anamnesis, examination and often additional imaging methods.


Therapy is always surgical, with the skin incision made on the outside of the foot in the case of the lower ankle. When the joint is exposed, tissue is removed from the joint surfaces on the ankle bone and heel bone. Finally the joint is brought into a functional position by means of a screw connection. The full weight bearing capacity of the leg is restored no sooner than after a rehabilitation phase of 10 to 12 weeks. An orthosis supports the ankle during this time. It makes physiological movements easier in most cases, especially the rollover of the foot.

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