"Putting on the C-Brace® for the first time, was a feeling I could never relive again. Right then it was me again."

David wears the C-Brace® and plays football with his father
Marjan wears the C-Brace® and plays with her grandchild.

"I was so fortunate to find the C-Brace®. I'm walking!"


“The C-Brace® gave me back the freedom to choose for myself what I still want to achieve.”

Denise wears the C-Brace® and plays in the snow with her children.

Yes, I want to request free information materials for the C-Brace® leg orthosis!

Who is the C-Brace® suitable for?

C-Brace® wearer Marjan rides tandem with her husband.


After cancer treatment and several operations, Marjan's leg was left paralysed. With the C-Brace®, Marjan can walk naturally again and ride a tandem bicycle with her husband.

C-Brace® wearer David fishing with his father.


David is paralysed from the hip down after an explosion during a military deployment. With a bilateral C-Brace® fitting, he is able to walk naturally again and can go fishing with his father.

C-Brace® wearer Denise has a snowball fight with her children.


One of the young mother's legs was paralysed after a common intervertebral disc operation. With the C-Brace®, Denise can walk naturally again and is able to keep up with her kids!

View the before and after videos.

C-Brace® wearer Marjan shows herself before and after the C-Brace®


Marjan can walk naturally again thanks to the C-Brace®,

David with and without the C-Brace


With and without the C-Brace®. The difference is obvious in David's daily life.

Denise walking with and without the C-Brace


Denise shows the difference between her walking without wearing an orthosis and walking with the C-Brace®.

How does the C-Brace® work?