Hand Orthoses

For sport injuries, tendon disorders or after surgery – Ottobock hand orthoses stabilise, yet allow enough flexibility so you can soon use your hand again.


Overall view of Ottobock Manu Junior children’s hand support

Children Hand Orthosis

Ottobock children’s hand supports provide optimal stability for small hands and thumb joints. They support the healing process after surgery or injuries and can be worn for tendon and nerve disorders.


Manu ComforT and Manu ComforT Stable

In case of wrist complaints, the Manu ComforT and Manu ComforT Stable wrist braces provide reliable support.


Manu Neurexa Wrist Orthosis

Manu Neurexa

The orthosis positions and stabilises the wrist joint. It is suitable for neurological limitations as well as nerve damage in the area of the arm, wrist and hand.


Manu Sensa Wrist Support

Manu Sensa

Alleviating wrist joint complaints with gentle support.


Overall view of the Ottobock Rhizo Arexa thumb brace.

Thumb braces

Ottobock thumb braces stabilise your thumb after an injury or if you are affected by a joint disorder. Each brace can be individually adjusted to your needs. Adjustable straps allow additional leeway and make it more comfortable to wear.


Overall view of the wrist orthosis

Wrist and thumb orthoses

Ottobock thumb and hand orthoses are easy to put on and adapt individually thanks to intelligent closure systems. High-quality, carefully crafted materials make them genuinely comfortable to wear.