Carbon Ankle Seven Ankle Foot Orthosis

Carbon Ankle Seven

Carbon Ankle Seven is a carbon spring incorporated in an ankle foot orthosis that helps to make the gait pattern more natural and dynamic.




The GoOn acts as an entry-level option for users with minor limitations of the dorsiflexion musculature, helping them to become familiar with wearing a device and the benefits it offers.


The heel relief orthosis

Heel relief orthosis

The heel relief orthosis is used after heel bone fractures. Bearing weight on the foot is possible again after about eight days.


The Malleo Sensa ankle support.

Malleo Sensa

The Malleo Sensa provides the necessary stability for your ankle following injuries or inflammation.


The Malleo Sprint ankle brace.

Malleo Sprint

After ankle injuries or in case of chronic instabilities, the active brace securely stabilises your ankle.


The L100 Go dorsiflexion system for drop foot.

L100 Go

The L100 Go provides support for drop foot. Functional electrical stimulation activates the nerves responsible for lifting the foot by means of electrical impulses. The L100 Go works with one stimulation channel.


Bioness L300 Go

The L300 Go provides support for drop foot even when the knee is unstable. Functional electrical stimulation activates the nerves that lift the foot. The option of multi-channel stimulation ensures that the movement of the foot is well balanced.


Lateral view of the MyNext MAFO


The MyNext dynamic ankle-foot orthosis is custom 3D printed to ensure a precise fit. The orthosis corrects pronation and supination malpositions of the foot.


Nexgear Tango

Walk more dynamically with the Nexgear Tango ankle joint! Your movements become smoother and more efficient – particularly if you have paralysis of the leg muscles. The joint can be perfectly adapted to your needs thanks to its exchangeable modules.


SAFO in beige

SAFO – silicone ankle foot orthosis

Step safely with or without footwear thanks to good rollover behaviour. The custom fabrication ensures the best possible fit, letting you walk comfortably in your everyday life.


WalkOn Ankle Foot Orthosis


The WalkOn helps people with dorsiflexor weakness. Lift the foot during the swing phase so that the gait becomes safer and more dynamic.


WalkOn Flex Ankle Foot Orthosis

WalkOn Flex

The WalkOn Flex is a more flexible variation of the WalkOn dorsiflexion assist orthosis.


WalkOn Reaction Ankle Foot Orthosis

WalkOn Reaction

The WalkOn Reaction helps people with dorsiflexor weakness to lift the foot while using ground reaction forces to influence the knee and ankle joint.


WalkOn Reaction junior ankle-foot orthosis

WalkOn Reaction junior

Children who have minor paralysis of the lower limbs wear the WalkOn Reaction junior. It uses the ground reaction force to support dorsiflexion and the knee joint. The orthosis can be used from shoe size 24.