One million children affected!

Ottobock gathers donations to provide children in Nepal with medical technology fittings

The Ottobock Global Foundation has launched the fundraising campaign “Children in Need – Help for Nepal”. Donations will be dedicated to providing medical technology fittings to children in the region.

The devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal has claimed 7,000 lives and injured 50,000 people. But above all, one million children are suffering from the catastrophe. They have injuries that require medical treatment. “The few hospitals are completely overwhelmed. There is currently no prospect for long-term medical care. But this is precisely where we need to step in to give people courage for a better future,” says Ann-Katrin Bauknecht, Honorary Nepalese Consul General and patroness of the relief project.

The Ottobock Global Foundation is using the donated funds to provide long-term fittings for children suffering from limb injuries. Devices including prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs will help them regain a degree of normality and quality of life. “Our goal is for the children to be able to process what they have experienced. We want to give them hope for a better future.” says Prof. Hans Georg Näder, founder of the Ottobock Global Foundation.

Medical technology company Ottobock has already carried out numerous relief campaigns. Last year, Ottobock supported child refugees in Syria. Prior campaigns helped earthquake victims in Haiti as well as tsunami victims in Southeast Asia.

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