About Ottobock Australia

Otto Bock Australia Pty Ltd was formed in Sydney in June, 1974 and was incorporated as a subsidiary company of Otto Bock HealthCare in Duderstadt, Germany.

In Australia and worldwide, we are recognised as the leader in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics. Our reputation is based on quality, precision engineering, and design excellence. Being the largest company, Otto Bock has without doubt, the most extensive resources for testing, machining, and educating health professionals in the field.

Otto Bock Australia Pty Ltd provides an extensive product range, catering for many other health professionals' needs. Originally focusing on the Prosthetic and Orthotic fields, we have diversified into the Seating and Postural Management field. More recently, we have entered the Soft Good Thermoprene Sport and Rehabilitation Orthotic product field. Our business location in Sydney services not only the Australian market, but also the Pacific Region and South East Asia. Otto Bock has long supported amputee groups at the sporting level and at community action group level. We have been the major sponsor of the Paralympic Games since it's inception in Seoul 1988. We gained valuable worldwide recognition for the work carried out in the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. We were bestowed with the honour of presenting the best service workshop facilities ever for any Paralympic Games, whereby we provided 50 volunteers to fully service the needs of over 4000 athletes from 125 countries.

In 1996, Otto Bock Australia implemented the SAP R/3 System to manage its sales and distribution, stock control and logistics, and financial accounting. The SAP System is a flexible and integral tool that fits within the framework of our Quality Management System to satisfy the needs of our customers. The SAP System has been implemented in all Otto Bock branches worldwide.

Otto Bock's first and foremost commitment is to quality. Our high level of quality has been tested and certified as meeting the standards set forth in ISO 9000 by an independent organisation, which is recognised worldwide. Through our compliance with these standards we offer the patient, the practitioner, and his facility, security above any other. The overall strengths of Otto Bock Australia Pty Ltd, are current market position, brand awareness (market leader), financial resources, company infrastructure, company distribution network (over 20 countries), established industry personnel network (direct customer contact policy), history (since 1974 in Australia), responsiveness to Asian growth and trading history in Asia.

The vision of the Company in Australia is to serve the entire field of Prosthetics and Orthotics with the most practical and modern products both promptly and at an affordable price. Each staff member is committed to Total Quality management and is conscious of ensuring that customer satisfaction and quality, are their prime concerns.