Triton side flex

1C68 Triton side flex

Are you tired of having to move in a way that compensates for your prosthetic foot’s lack of side-to-side flexibility? The Triton side flex adjusts in the sideways direction to reduce physical strain – and make your everyday life easier.


Hannah with her kids

The new C-Brace®

The new C-Brace® ‒ taking you further. The C-Brace® is the world’s only orthotronic mobility system that uses sensor technology to control both the stance and swing phase. The user is supported in real time during every walking phase


Myo Plus

Myo Plus pattern recognition

Myo Plus for easy and intuitive prosthesis control without complicated, time-consuming switching between different grips.



Covid-19 Statement

A personal letter to our customers and users by Prof Hans Georg Näder.


Aaron with C-Leg sitting on a quad.


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